Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Shah Alam Library Like Wow !

Assalamualaikum , Hello .

I receive this from my Mom . She ask me to review my e-mail because she send something interesting .

My Mom right , this is really awesome + cool = WOW

I remember my old days before i took SPM , how sad it was . Shah Alam library was no like this ! Maybe because of that i can't get straight a's . Yes now i can blame everyone !

" The building you see in the picture above is a library that is located in Section 13 , Shah Alam . If you first see it , you would not think that the building is a library because that looks very luxurious .

The library is worth RM70 million and has just opened around the end of July. Seeing it through below  ,images, we can say that it is a library of world-class in Malaysia . Yes , a world-class. "

See it yourself !
i am no liar right

Additional Info :

- The library is a gift to the Selangor people's from Sultan Selangor.
- Provides XD theater / theater 6D.
- Provide a special column for each age group.
- Equipped with playrooms for children.
- All computers provided in this library Apple.



Anonymous said...

Weyh,past tense,n present tense,benda lepas "sent" atau "send" hahahaha..

Miss Butterfly said...

ohsem dowh~ hohO~


lecturer , sory K . My mistake .